Glass Fibre, Spray Booth Filters, Thermal.

Advanced Engineering of Acoustics and Thermal Insulation Products

Lancaster Glass Fiber

Lancaster Glass Fibre Australia, is an established leading manufacture and supplier for Thermal and Acoustic applications.

We offer extensive range of cost effective, high performance products to meet stringent needs, in a wide variety of high temperature and acoustic applications

Lancaster Supplies & Product Ranges

With our network of suppliers, worldwide, we have available a large material inventory, that we can service to your specific needs; Products such as

  • Basalt wool mattress & pillows
  • Needlemat glass in various thicknesses and densities
  • Fluffed E-glass in Bags
  • Continuous Blown Rovings
  • Stainless steel wool / mesh rings / seals / socks / gaskets / strapping
  • Ceramic fibre blankets in various thicknesses and densities


We are active in exporting these products world wide.

We have an outstanding record of quality, performance and a on time delivery.

Quality Assurance

All stages of our production is monitored, ensuring that only the best quality materials are supplied to our customers.


We are also a major distributor of paintstop / filter media, for the spray booth industry.

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